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Should you shower before your spray tan appointment?

Ideally, hop in the shower the night before your appointment to give your skin a clean slate. But we get it, life happens! If you really gotta shower on the same day as your appointment, make sure to do it at least 4+ hours before your scheduled time. That way, your skin has enough time to recover and get ready for that flawless tan. 

How long can you rock your spray tan?

On average, your tan will slay for about a week, maybe even longer, if you treat it right. It’s all about that after-care game, girl! Use the right products and you’ll be extending the life of the tan! 

Will the bronzer rub off onto your clothes after your tan?

The clothes you rock right after your appointment may get a bit of bronzer on them. But guess what? No need to stress! Just toss those clothes in a normal laundry cycle, and that bronzer will wash right out.

I’m going on vacation and plan to go in the pool and ocean, will it ruin my spray tan?

Swimming in the pool or ocean after getting a spray tan can affect its longevity. Chlorinated pool water and saltwater can cause the tan to fade faster and may lead to unevenness or streaking. To minimize the impact, wait 24 hours after the spray tan, use waterproof/spray tan safe sunscreen, rinse off afterward, and keep your skin moisturized.

When should you get a spray before an event or wedding?

Go for it 2 days before the big day! If you’re jet-setting, it’s best to tan the day before you take off. 

Can I spray tan while pregnant?

It is generally advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before receiving any beauty treatments, including spray tanning, while pregnant. While there is limited research available on the specific effects of spray tanning during pregnancy, some concerns exist regarding the inhalation of spray tan solutions and potential skin absorption of certain ingredients. The main active ingredient in spray tan solutions is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is considered safe for external use. However, the safety of inhaling or absorbing DHA during pregnancy has not been extensively studied. Additionally, some spray tan solutions may contain other ingredients or chemicals that could potentially be of concern during pregnancy. To ensure the health and safety of both you and your baby, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice. They can provide guidance based on your individual circumstances and help you make an informed decision.

Will the spray tan smell?

Spray tans can have a temporary scent due to the reaction between the solution and your skin. The odor is often described as slightly sweet and varies by brand. However, modern formulas aim to minimize the smell, and it usually fades within a few hours. 

Do you spray tan men?

Not by choice tbh. Kidddddddding, yes of course! 

How long do I have to wait to shave after my tan?

Wait 24 hours after the tan before shaving. Use a clean, sharp razor and shaving gel or cream with no oils in it (this leads to streaks!). Rinse and pat dry.  Please refer to our “Care Info” page for more information on this. 

What do you recommend for exfoliation?

Any abrasive mit or scrub works great! We sell our favorite exfoliation mitts – please talk to us about purchasing them! 


How long will my session take?

Spray tan appointments typically take around 15 to 30 minutes. During the appointment,we will first discuss your tanning goals, and go over after care. You will need to wait to fully dry before you get dressed. The drying process usually takes 5-10 minutes. 

What soaps are safe to use with my spray tan?

When selecting products that are spray tan safe, consider the following:

  • Soaps: Look for mild, oil-free, sulfate-free options or pH-balanced cleansers designed for spray tans.

  • Sunscreens: Choose oil-free, non-comedogenic, and broad-spectrum sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

  • Lotions: Opt for oil-free, lightweight, and fragrance-free options.

How often can I get a spray tan?

Wait at least 5-7 days between spray tan sessions to allow your skin to exfoliate and the tan to fade naturally. It’s important to avoid overexposure to spray tan solutions and give your skin time to rejuvenate between sessions.

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